Two-bed flat on sale for £174,500 with “insane” bathroom leaves people mystified

A two-bedroom flat has been listed for £174,500 – and viewers of the incredible property have been left stunned.

The flat in Illinois, U.S, has a very distinctive style and went viral on social media after people got to peek inside.

It’s listed on Zillow, which describes it as a “great complex” which offers “beautiful views.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, it was summed up as “like living inside a terrible wedding cake.”

Naturally, the property has become a source of debate, with people divided over the decor.

One person admitted: “Looking at this actually makes my skin itch,” but others were much more positive.

“I have to say I kind of like it. You must respect that commitment to a theme, and the decorator clearly found some joy in this!,” raved another.

A third joked: “It has the permanent scent of roses & baby power & comes with a ghost who will constantly tell you to wipe your feet & mind the white carpet.”

From the exterior – the flat looks like a very standard normal two-bed and the stylish communal areas are kept clean.

There are lots of on-site facilities, including a swimming pool, cardio room and library, which is always very welcome.

But people were left in stitches at the flat’s decoration – which was aptly described as a “little girl’s fantasy dollhouse.”

The dining room is pristine – so you’d be afraid of dropping a mug of tea in there, as it would show up instantly.

It’s very chintzy – with nearly every surface covered in material, while there are a number of dolls dotted around the room.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is very pink and rather sweet and even features some lace tailored over the sink to finish the look.

And the living room continues this theme – with more ruffles and flounces than you can shake a stick at.

The bathroom is truly incredible and became a particularly popular topic of discussion for many on social media.

Who knew you could get a pink flouncy shower curtain? The toilet seat and cistern silk covers are also a rather unique choice.

Many were baffled by the number of velvet seats in there, and what looks like a golden statue in the shower.

One person admitted: “Took me a little too long to realize that’s a bathroom.,” while another joked: “I would not want to sit on that toilet.”

A third added: “I don’t see anything terrible here. Very correct and good amount of chairs for a bathroom.”

But one critic admitted: “The bathroom sent shivers down my spine.”

Another warned: “Toilet doily. Two words that will haunt your nightmares.”

But overall – the flat won lots of people over, even just for the sheer entertainment of looking through the photos.

“Mad property listings are my favourite. Me going through the photos: “Nice exterior, big rooms, quite muted decor, GOD IN HEAVEN IT’S LIKE MILLS & BOON EXPLODED,” joked one viewer.

One man added: “Makes Barbara Cartland look understated… (Also: how the f*** are you meant to get to the ~festooned~ shower past all those pouffes?)”

A third simply said: “Insane. But delicious. Much more exciting than the grey vomit-inducing nightmares we keep seeing on Rightmove.”