Britain’s ‘most hopeless guard dog’ is scared of water and other puppies

A pooch has been labelled the most hopeless guard dog in the UK due to her fear of water and puppies.

Ruby the Cavapoo was given the embarrassing title after beating over 100 other canines in a competition to find the wimpiest mutt around the country.

The nervous pooch, aged five, looks like a real-life teddy bear and cowers behind her owner’s legs if she sees another puppy. And despite living by the seaside, Ruby is also terrified of the water.

The competition for the “most hopeless guard dog” was held by smart home security company Boundary’s and over 100 canines were entered.

But judges agreed that Ruby’s daft fears, teddy bear looks and harmless attitude made her a clear winner.

The scaredy dog lives with her owner Caroline Abbott in Torquay, Devon and is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle.

Despite not meeting the criteria to become a therapy dog, her owner Caroline describes Ruby as an unofficial one.

The soft-natured pooch has even helped several local children overcome their fear of dogs, due to her friendly and gentle demeanour.

Carline says Ruby is her best pal but walks take ages because everyone wants to “make a fuss of her”.

The pair won a state-of-the-art Boundary alarm system with six-month subscription, worth £350 in the competition. The system’s sensors are pet-friendly, so won’t go off if Ruby jumps in the night.

Caroline said “I’m so proud Ruby has been crowned the title of ‘UK’s Most Hopeless Guard Dog’ because it’s another way of saying she’s the least scary, least intimidating and least aggressive dog you could hope to meet, and I got a dog for companionship, not security.”

Caroline also hopes the system will help keep Ruby safe, amid a nationwide surge in dognappings.

“I’m thrilled that Ruby has won us a home security system from Boundary, she added. “Their technology sounds very clever and it’s going to give me real peace of mind to know that my home is so secure, especially on the occasions when I have to leave Ruby behind – nothing is more valuable to me than her. She’s my best friend.”

Boundary CEO Robin Knox added: “We had great fun looking through all of the applications for the UK’s worst guard dog, but Ruby was unanimously voted as the most hopeless of the bunch.

“We’re glad to be able to give Ruby and her owner a helping hand with home security, with one of our systems using the very cutting edge of technology.

“Ruby won’t even need to worry about setting off the alarm, thanks to Boundary’s pet-friendly sensors.”